YAAKOV LEHMAN is a social entrepreneur and educator living in the Judean hills outside Jerusalem.  

As self-proclaimed Chief Executive Integrator, Yaakov follows his inner passion for producing impactful online and offline experiences.  His wide-ranging list of successful productions include an award winning video series, an annual music festival in California, a global mindfulness conference, two mobile apps, a critically acclaimed website, dozens of videos and online campaigns, and several hundreds of unsuccessful scrapped project ideas.

Much of his year is spent on the international lecture circuit. He has shared his insights into Jewish wisdom, mindfulness, technology, and start-up culture to wide audiences across nine countries.  He draws from his contemporary work with Wisdom Tribe, as well as his academic background as a global historian.  Yaakov has published several works in the field, and received postgraduate degrees from the London School of Economics (MSc Global History) and the University of Vienna (MA Global Studies). Yaakov has traveled to over 50 countries.

He is highly knowledge and passionate about China.  He spent five years studying Mandarin, briefly lived in China, and continues to travel throughout the region building strategic partnerships and lifelong friendships.  For his masters theses at LSE, Yaakov wrote a social capital analysis of Bagdhadi Jews in 19th century Shanghai.  Several years later, he published the book "The Desecularization of the Globe” : New Confucianism and Ba'alei Teshuva Judaism Examined.” Yaakov started practicing Tai-Chi Chuan nearly 20 years ago, and for the past 7 years has been teaching Qi Gong. 

He lives with his wife and three children, and couldn’t be happier.