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At Gan Chabad Preschool we help develop the necessary skills needed to succeed in today's learning environment. We believe that children learn the best through authentic play. Our furniture has been well-loved and in order to continue to offer exceptional early childhood experiences and promote creativity, problem solving and school-readiness skills we are in need of an upgrade. To maintain our high-level, personalized learning environment for young children,  Please consider donating from the options below. On behalf of the children of Gan Chabad, thank you!


A269_Main.jpg$740.00-  Preschool Cubbies (x4)                      C231_Main.jpg$225.00 Woodcrest Table


 A811_Main detail page.jpg $240.00- Classroom Activity Table (x2)              C361_Main.jpg$265.00- Stove


 C362_Main.jpg$240.00- Sink                                                     C364_Main.jpg$320.00- Cupboard 


C901_Main.jpg$225.00- Toddler Stove                                         C903_Main.jpg$310.00- Fridge 


 C362_Main.jpg$195.00- Toddler Sink                                           F598_Main.jpg$715.00- Shelf (x2) 


F684_Main.jpg $590.00- Tote Self (x2)                                      new floors.jpg $1,500.00 - Floors



 painting walls.jpeg $1,000.00 New Paint for Walls                   curtains.JPG $500.00 Curtains



   Any amount helps! Donation towards furniture and renovations.


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