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Sukkot Celebrations!

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Sushi in the Sukka * Family party * Simchat Torah dancing 


Sukkot| Sunday Evening, September 23 

Meals in the Rooftop Sukkah 

7:30pm Evening Services followed by Sushi in the Sukkah

Sukkot |Monday, September 24                                                             

10:00am Morning Services and Kiddush                                                   

7:30pm Evening Services and Dinner

Sukkot | Tuesday, September 25                                                       

10:00am Morning Services and Kiddush

Shemini Atzeret |Sunday Evening, September 30                       

7:30pm Services, Kiddush and Hakafot

Shemini Atzeret | Monday, October 1                                     

10:00am Morning Services                                                                               

11:30 am Yizkor, Kiddush following Services

Simchat Torah| Monday Evening, October 1                                     

7:30pm Simchat Torah Hakafot 

L'chaims and dancing with the Torah

Simchat Torah | Tuesday, October 2                             

10:00am Services, Kiddush and Hakafot