There are so many wonderful things to say about Gan Chabad Pre-School. My oldest child, who was part of the first-ever Gan class, attended Gan until he started Pre-K, and my youngest was part of Gan’s first-ever Pre-K class! The growth of the school over the past six years is amazing. Due to the hard work of Morah Leah Lein and the fantastic teachers, what was once a small class of a few local students, has blossomed into a thriving, warm, nurturing, and fun environment in which the children are encouraged to learn and explore. The children are given both a Jewish education, and a strong foundation of basic education that eases the transition into school. I am happy my children have both been a part of Gan Chabad Pre-School. I hope the school continues to grow and children love it as much as mine did!!
Rebecca P.
As a Jewish Israeli emigrant in the US, I made a personal promise to myself that when I would have children, I would raise them in a Jewish home with the same traditional values I grew up with. I knew it would be hard to do, but the best first step we could have ever taken to enroll our daughter at Gan Chabad. I love that she learns about her heritage, language and religion, all while advancing in the arts and music. She has developed great social skills and stimulated her brain on all fronts. The teachers are all so warm, loving and caring. I am grateful for having this place and the community it introduced us to.
Dorin G.
We feel so grateful and so blessed to have our daughter at Gan Chabad. She absolutely loves the school and is learning a great deal there. It's a very personal place and we so appreciate their child-centered approach and dedication to creating and maintaining a nurturing, creative and spiritually-oriented environment. After her parent/teacher conference, it was very obvious that the teachers at Gan Chabad have really gotten to know our daughter, which really warmed our hearts. We have also really appreciated how accessible, patient, flexible and thoughtful the staff have been throughout the year. We are so looking forward to next year! Thank you, Gan Chabad. Keep up the great work! You are a blessing to our daughter, our family and our community!
Frankie F.
I'm so grateful to Gan Chabad Preschool, and to the director and all the other wonderful teachers who guided H. during his preschool years. He came home excited every day, filled with enthusiasm for everything from science to reading to the world around him—and often, more knowledge about Judaism than I can claim myself. What a fabulous way to launch a lifetime of learning.
Debbie K.
I wish Chabad preschool accepted children all the way up to high school :) - it offers exactly what I want for my children throughout their lives. Sending both of my children to Gan Chabad preschool has enriched our entire family. Our children have been given not only a strong Jewish foundation but also a school foundation based on love, creativity, warmth, respect and kindness which has been brought into our home. The incredible energy of this school trickles down from the directors, to the teachers, the assistants & finally to the children.

The homemade food served at the school is delicious and healthy- this pleases me to no end! The activities based on all the holidays are engaging and thoughtful allowing the children to really comprehend and participate in each celebration ( of which there are many!) Friday Shabbat parties are simply the best. We look forward to our weekly homemade challah bread!

This preschool inspires children and parents alike not only on a Jewish level but a human one. I am forever grateful and will continue to engage in the Chabad community.
M. Chapman