Once a week the children participate in a interactive yoga class led by certified children’s yoga  instructor, Lorelei. The children enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness in a fun and interactive way, as well as develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them while mastering many of the classic yoga poses.


Once a week the children participate in a music & movement program, led by local singer/guitarist, Mariel Sol. During this program, the children will explore the physical characteristics and sounds of age appropriate instruments and discover their potential for beat, rhythm and melodies. They are also introduced to classic Jewish and kid music in sing-a-long style with live music and props.

Mariel Sol is an Argentine-Ecuadorian vocalist and songwriter, based in New York City, who lived in Israel for over a decade and has performed all over the world. She has worked in Chabad Preschools in New  York City and worked with the ShirFun Music Program over the past few years. Mariel joins us for her 3rd year at Gan Chabad Preschool.

Creative Dance

Once every other week the children will participate in a creative dance class led by professional dancer and preschool mom, Shiri Cohen.

Creative dance classes are concept-based with a focus on natural movement as well as an introduction to the principals of modern dance technique. Imagery, Hebrew music, props, and literary forms are used to explore the joy of dance. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop motor skills, technique, musicality, body awareness, concentration and focus, to express feelings and ideas, and most of all have fun with dance!


Challah Baking & Shabbat Party

To celebrate the coming of the Shabbat, each Friday a special Shabbat atmosphere is created. The children make and bake their very own whole wheat Challah and experience a ‘Shabbat Party,’ where we light candles and enjoy yummy grape juice, and sing traditional and fun Shabbat songs.