Welcome to the Gan Chabad Preschool. The following are answers we have formulated to some commonly asked questions. Take a few minutes to browse through these FAQ's and you'll have a better understanding of what our preschool is all about.

What type of teaching methodology does Gan Chabad Preschool follow?
At Gan Chabad Preschool, we primarily use the Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence teaching methodology with a strong Reggio influence. All of our teaching ensures that the material being taught is relevant, meaningful, and experimental. Our dedicated teachers use these teaching instructions as a structure for an all-encompassing curriculum.

What is the primary language spoken at Gan Chabad Preschool?
English. We aim to have Hebrew language integrated in the classes as well. We include Hebrew songs, sight words as well as conversational Hebrew.

What types of foods are served?
Our preschoolers eat a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables for snack each day, along with rice-cakes or multi grain pretzels. Each day, our hot lunch includes a protein (e.g. chicken cutlets, fish), a carb (e.g. organic brown rice, multi grain pasta and whole wheat bread), and either raw or cooked vegetables.

Does your preschool offer different options for days of enrollment?
You have the option to apply to Gan Chabad Preschool for two, three or five days.

What can I expect my child to learn at the Gan Chabad Preschool? To make the learning meaningful, the curriculum is designed within a framework of thematic units that are of relevance to the children based on their age and interests. The knowledge, skills, and dispositions (such as the inclination to write, to read, to cooperate), and Jewish values we want our children to develop are seamlessly integrated into these holistic thematic units.
We ensure that all appropriate scholastic skills are covered as well as social emotional skills.

What type of staff members do you look to hire for Gan Chabad Preschool?
The staff at Gan Chabad Preschool are experienced and trained, and  bring with them a genuine desire to assume the role of helping each child realize their full potential. Our teachers are known to be warm and passionate preschool educators who recognize the uniqueness of each child and whose concern to create the best preschool experience extend well beyond school hours.

Our staff members are Early Childhood Certified and have interned with children.

Are any of your staff members certified in CPR and First Aid?
At least one teacher in every class is certified in CPR and First Aid. Every classroom is equipped with a first aid kit.

What is your teacher - student ratio?
We keep our class sizes small and have a good teacher student ratio to insure the best experience possible for each child.
2's class: 3 Teachers to 12 Students
3's class: 2 Teachers to 12 Students
Pre K Class: 2 Teachers to 12 Students 

Do the children go outdoors around the neighborhood?
We try to take advantage when the weather is nice and visit Grand Street Playground or North 5th Street Pier. Safety is always our first priority. Younger children are transported in our quad and double strollers and older children walk holding onto a colored shapes rope. All children wear safety vests and staff carry a first aid kit at all times. When we want to make a concept come to life, we will take the children out on a walk, where they will explore nature and the neighborhood.

Do children need to be toilet trained before entering your program?
Children do not need to be toilet trained upon entering preschool. We will work with parents in helping to train their child.

How do you deal with separation with the children from caregivers?
We try to make separation in the beginning of the school year as smooth as possible. For the first few days of school, we encourage the parents to stay with their child for a short while if necessary, and we also keep the children in school for shorter hours to help them adjust better. In the event that a child continues to have a separation issue, we work with each parent and child on the best methods to ensure that the child is ultimately able to settle into school comfortably each morning. 

What aspects of Judaism does Gan Chabad Preschool incorporate into the curriculum?
At Gan Chabad Preschool, we intend to give the children a warm, loving Jewish experience. Jewish traditions and songs are taught as well as learning about the Jewish holidays as they come up on the calendar.

How do you keep the parents updated on preschool news etc?
We believe that for all components of the school to work in harmony, the home- school relationship plays an integral role. To ensure that home and school work in concert - with consistent goals and messages –we welcome all questions, suggestions, and concerns. It is our hope that your entire family will become active participants in our greater school community and all it has to offer.

We send home a daily note with each child, indicating what snacks and lunches were served, how the child ate, the child’s disposition, as well as teacher comments when necessary. Each week, our teachers send home a newsletter updating our parents on what took place in their classrooms. Additionally we have Family Holiday Programs and Parent Volunteer opportunities.

Does Gan Chabad Preschool offer a summer program?
During July and August, we run Camp Gan Israel. A fun, action packed summer camp full of stimulating activities, trips and special instructors.
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